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Latest posts in the whole of Costa de Almeria

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Looking for transport to almeria airport - 0 replies

harry Posted by harry in Taxis in Vera Playa on Mon Sep 27, 2021 12:18am

Linking for to get to airport almeria on Tuesday morning please thanks harry

Can't believe some of your comments. - 0 replies

jasnat247 Posted by jasnat247 in Banking and finances in Almería on Sun Sep 26, 2021 11:52pm

I posted a comment here on the 25th of August about the difficulty that our friends were having and I’m totally lost with some of the comments made. Most of the people who responded completely missed what I tried to explain. Our friends left Russia with the clothes on their back because of their religious beliefs the alternative would have been about 6 years in jail. They are not in any way capable of paying people to do things for them as some have suggested. After great difficulty they managed to sell the apartment that they had in Russia. The bank that they have been with for a number of years in Spain are fully aware of their circumstances but have blocked their money and told them that they need to know where the person who purchased their apartment got the money to buy it (I would love to see you try asking that one from anyone that has purchased a house from you no matter which country you are in). Because of the delay in the list of evidence that the bank has requested, they have now sent the money back to Russia.

Regarding my rant. I am very lucky as I managed to get to Spain before 2021, we have a house that would probably cost around £400,000. We have a very good standard of living and we like Spain but when it comes to getting what I would consider simple things done and it affects people that we care about that is when I get angry. If our friends had money I doubt if the bank would be so difficult.

I hope that some of you will read the post that you are responding to in the future and try to remember that everyone is not as lucky as some of us are living the good life in Spain.

Anybody received a 2nd vaccine after recovering from Covid - 0 replies

Heather0808 Posted by Heather0808 in Coronavirus discussion in Mojacar: Covid-19 news and updates on Sun Sep 26, 2021 11:20pm

Hi all. I am a recovery from covid and received a Pfizer vaccine in May. As I’m 55 yrs they have said i only need the one as I have will have antibodies! This is causing me huge problems visiting the UK both time wise and financially. Has anybody under 60 managed to get a 2nd vaccine I’ve tried walk-in sessions but been refused. Anyway round this greatly received.

Property wanted to buy: 2 bedroom house with terrace in the province Almeria - 1 replies

Roberto58 Posted by Roberto58 in Property wanted to rent or buy requests in Arboleas on Sun Sep 26, 2021 9:52pm

we are looking for an apartment, house, with at least two bedrooms, terrace and with not too much maintenance, the house may be located in the interior of Almeria but a maximum of 75 km from the coast. Small budget, max 50,000.

Wanted: Bike locks - 1 replies

Sal15 Posted by Sal15 in Buy and sell items in Mojacar on Sun Sep 26, 2021 9:33pm

Hi everyone, 

I’ve inherited a couple of bikes. Where would be the best place to get locks for them or if anyone has a couple to sell they no longer need. Thanks 

Getting our covid certificates. - 2 replies

Angela 20 Posted by Angela 20 in Coronavirus: Help requests and offers for vulnerable neighbours in Los Gallardos during Covid-19 on Sun Sep 26, 2021 9:20pm

Hi my husband & myself had our second vaccine of AstraZeneca in Ferial Huercal- Overa on 30th July 2021. We have private health insurance and we need to get out certificate of proof. We live in Los Gallardos, have been to the clinic there & have been told to go to a centre near to the cemetery. There is a woman there who can help. Unfortunately she can only do this in the mornings and I have to go to a clinic in Murcia Monday to Friday for treatment.     I wondered if anyone could advise me as to how we could obtain it online please.

Thank you in advance Ang

solar panels - 0 replies

Roberto58 Posted by Roberto58 in Recommended Tradesmen and Companies in Arboleas on Sun Sep 26, 2021 5:25pm

can you tell us what the costs are in generally for 5 sonar panels that will be sufficient for electricity cooking, lights, and boiler water for shower?
thank you 

Looking to meet - 2 replies

harry Posted by harry in Find friends in Vera Playa on Sun Sep 26, 2021 3:10pm

Leaving for UK on Monday be nice to meet a guy before I go.I'm 5 mins walking from vera playa.thanks don.

This is a IKEA  3 seater sofa that as removable fitted  covers which are machine washable there is also a spare removable fitted cover in cream, size 220x 83

350 euro

In the photos it looks dirty but it’s just the lighting

Collection only Mojacar area close to the Irish Rover

For sale very good quality glass dining table and 4 chairs, only a few months old, the diameter is 100 the height is 73

The price when new was 750 euro

Collection only from Mojacar the area close to the Irish Rovers

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