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Latest posts in the whole of Costa de Almeria

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Wanted: Gravel - 0 replies

Andy56 Posted by Andy56 in Buy and sell items in Oria on Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:52pm

Does anyone know where I can buy pea shingle/ decorative gravel by the ton bag? Delivered to Oria? I saw on an old forum post a place near the Los Llanos market - does that place still exist? And is so has it a name?? 

Purchasing a home in Albox Area - 0 replies

AshleyA666 Posted by AshleyA666 in General Albox discussion on Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:25pm


I am planning to come and retire in this area  in the next 12 months by January 2022.
So any help with Real Estate Agents dealing / specialising  with this area would be appreciated.

Thank you 


When can we go to our holiday home - 5 replies

Julie n Posted by Julie n in General Cuevas de Almanzora discussion on Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:45pm

Hi it’s been over a year now since we was last in Spain, anyone know what’s going off like when are we allowed to go. And if we have vaccines do we still have to have pcr test or lamp test as well julir

Thought for the Day - 1 replies

Tony D Posted by Tony D in General Mojacar discussion on Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:31pm

Hi everyone.

New to posting.. and wanted to thank Alex particularly.. and Mathew and Dario and Jenni and all ... for entertainment during these awesome times. The frequent heated discussions prompted me to send the following Thought for the Day .. John Bell from Iona Community has kindly given me permission to post it to you. Hope you have the patience to read it all !

"I have always been attracted to prophetic figures.. whether they be ancient like Isaiah or contemporary like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela.

If you look at the content of what they had to say, you can discern three strands :   they analyse the present predicament.. they offer empathy and solace to the despairing.. they re-imagine the future.

At the moment we have quite a lot of analysis. Indeed we may be suffering from analysis paralysis. And there has been good support and encouragement for many from people close to us and from programmes on the media.

But what about re-imagining the future ? There's a growing clamour to be told when the lockdown is going to be eased. But what will the post-lockdown future hold ? Or what should it hold ? No politician ever imagined they would have to deal with a post-pandemic world. Much in their past manifestos is now redundant.. so what next ?

Some people just want to get back to normal. I desperately hope that we don't. That would mean essential workers, particularly in private care homes, returning to underpaid oblivion. It would mean business, transport and industry re-contributing to high levels of pollution. It would mean a return to underfunded health and social services, with experts only listened to in times of crisis, rather than to prevent crises. It would mean a devaluing of the importance of the arts and of open spaces as essential for public well-being.

There's a moment in the history of the Jewish exodus when, wearied by travelling and uncertain of what was to come, the recently liberated slaves complain to God that they want to go back to Egypt. It was a case of mental myopia ; they forgot that the past was not at all pleasant. So God declined their request and instead let them wander about aimlessly for forty years until they were open to embrace a very different future.

Maybe some of the things we are experiencing at the moment hold clues to the new normal we might aspire to .. time to talk at length rather than in soundbites, the enjoyment of showing consideration for others, neighbourhoods taking initiatives, ecology as a partner rather than the servant of economics, and an awareness of how, unless we help the poor of the world to get through this time, the virus might return to us with a vengeance. Such things are not for political manifestos to determine ... but for us ALL to discuss and discover."

Perhaps this should have been posted under Boris or Brexit discussion topics ? Please take care and stay safe.. and be grateful you are still alive. From Tony in Snowdonia. 

Best plumbers - 0 replies

adamsmark963 Posted by adamsmark963 in General property discussion in Sorbas on Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:30pm

Hi I will be needing my old shower taken out and a new tray put in and a new hot water tank put in bigger 1 as wot we have now is tiny don't even get to have 1 hot shower of it lol

Residencia - 3 replies

Karen09 Posted by Karen09 in Brexit and the EU: living, holidaying and moving to Íllar on Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:01am

Is it true I’m only allowed to leave spain for 6 months in 5 years once I have Residencia in spain? Hopefully they will take into consideration the fact I’m stuck in uk with the COVID restrictions. Any help will be great.  Karen x

Healthcare now I'm resident - 2 replies

Annaleise36 Posted by Annaleise36 in Healthcare and medical advice in Mojacar on Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:48am

I obtained my residencia in November. I went the route of money in the bank and paid up front for private healthcare for a year. So what happens now I'm resident, am I automatically able to register for social healthcare, do I need to wait for my 12 months private cover to expire or do I need to continue with private healthcare until myself and my fiancee are married and I can be named on our business (he is currently named and Autonomo). My healthcare would be up in July. 


Where can I buy a gas cylinder for my bar B Q - 1 replies

Mattnomad Posted by Mattnomad in Where to buy things in Roquetas de Mar on Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:07pm

Just ordered a gas bar B Q for our rental property. But not found where to get the first gas bottle ? Any help please . I see repsol mentioned but asking in 2 petrol stations did not get anywhere.

Can anyone recommend: Solar panel power - 0 replies

garcol1 Posted by garcol1 in Recommended Tradesmen and Companies in Arboleas on Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:10pm

"Can anyone recommend: Anyone who supply and install Pool heaters & Solar Panels in the area of La Perla near Arboleas, solar panels to heat the pool in the colder months and supply electric to villa all year round."

Residency for an EU resident - 27 replies

Orson Wellies Posted by Orson Wellies in Moving to Vera: tips and advice on Sat Jan 23, 2021 12:36pm


A bit different my scenario.

I'm British and have lived in Greece since March 2002.  Have had residents permit since then.  Decided in summer 2020 with my partner of 31 years that we would like to move to Spain.

Started the process of selling our house in August 2020.  Partner moved to Spain in September 2020 and started residency.  I was due to follow in October after house sale.  October, Greece introduced COVID restrictions and the government buildings were closed to the public and went appointment only.  This delayed the buyer paying the tax on property until late December 2020.  Sale can't be completed without tax payment.

Anyway, I'm now only able to travel to Spain and join my partner. I thought everything would be OK as I had read a document online from the Spanish Embassy Here that stated in the "Brexit Update" paragraph, and I quote "However, UK nationals and their family members who established the residence in other EU Member State before the end of the transition period in accordance with EU free movement law, will maintain their free movements rights after 31st December 2020"

I contacted the Spanish Embassy in London and made them aware of my situation and asked for travel advice, but, they say as a British Citizen I can only enter Spain for a period of 90 days.  If I wish to stay longer or reside there I will have to apply for a visa.

So, it appears they are not honouring the fact I have been resident in an EU country for almost 19 years prior to the Brexit transition period.

I would take any of these "Official" documents with a pinch of salt at the moment as no one seems to know what they are doing.

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