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Latest posts in the whole of Costa de Almeria

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Funds - 1 replies

Erik1 Posted by Erik1 in General Mojacar discussion on Sun Apr 14, 2024 8:02pm

Just read on British news that traveling to Spain? You need on top of paying for your holiday etc you need 97 euros each day your there per person of your stay. 

This is going to really mess people up not good news apparently at the borders etc if not sufficient funds they are going to refuse entry into Mainland Spain and Balaric islands? 

Tax Solicitor - 2 replies

KeithStruggles Posted by KeithStruggles in Banking and finances in Oria on Sun Apr 14, 2024 12:21pm


Can anyone recommend a good tax solicitor/gestor in the Albox area.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


Visiting time Almeria hospital tomorrow - 0 replies

stephenalbert Posted by stephenalbert in General Arboleas discussion on Sun Apr 14, 2024 9:41am

Anyone know visiting times to

Credit carf - 0 replies

Liz1953 Posted by Liz1953 in Banking and finances in Mojacar on Sun Apr 14, 2024 8:19am

Do,s any one use a Monzo card, are they accepted in Spain.

Fancy a chat. - 0 replies

rob55es Posted by rob55es in General Vera Playa discussion on Sat Apr 13, 2024 7:20pm

Hi, early 70's, bi male, non smoker, will be coming down to Vera playa a few times from 26th April.

Wondered if anyone fancies meeting up for a drink or chat sometime?

If interested please feel free to pm me,



How to rectify my car tax cock up? - 4 replies

Shazzy Posted by Shazzy in Banking and finances in Mojacar on Sat Apr 13, 2024 2:00am

We're 2nd home owners and live in the UK. Last year I paid my car tax at the offices on the main road towards Garrucha and completed a direct debit form for future payments. I have slept many times since then. 

This week, I received notice from my bank of a new direct debit, saying I could cancel if I didn't recognise it. Of course, I had no memory of setting up any direct debits recently and pressed the 'Cancel Direct Debit' button, before remembering the car tax from last year. A day later, I received notice that an attempt to take payment for my car tax had been rejected. 

The bank are unable to reinstate the direct debit, saying I need to speak to the Mojácar Ayuntamiento. However, my Spanish isn't good enough to phone and I have gone round in circles trying to sign up to their secure email system, being unable to identify the 'support number' associated with my NIE. Do any of you helpful people have an email address that I could try or any other suggestions please? 

We will be returning to our part time home in the Sierra Cabrera at the end of April.  I’m looking to join an art and/or a ceramics class. As a couple we are also interested in walking, history, singing and music. would also like to get to know some new people who enjoy living in the area 

Spanish Residency after Brexit - 8 replies

Hillbilly53 Posted by Hillbilly53 in General Mojacar discussion on Thu Apr 11, 2024 8:58am

Hi, if anyone can advise on how to persue application for Spanish residency to avoid the 90/180 rule. I’m retired and have no intention to work there, just want to be able to stay for longer periods. Are there organisations/ individuals who can advise or guide people through this ?

Hoping for a reply


For sale: Baby Auto childrens car seats - 0 replies

mandie55 Posted by mandie55 in Buy and sell items in Roquetas de Mar on Wed Apr 10, 2024 11:31pm

For sale Baby Auto car seats. Birth to approx 5 years. 2 available, will sell separately. Only used for grandchildren visits. Clean, very good condition. €25 each.

Buying a Wifi Printer - 3 replies

SonderB Posted by SonderB in Broadband Internet, Wifi, Phone and TV in Vera on Wed Apr 10, 2024 7:43pm

Anybody have a good idea where to buy either a second hand WiFi Printer or a new one, locally.

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