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I am looking for horse livery in the area of Turre - 0 replies

Posted by cmedcalf in Animals and pets in Turre on Sun Jul 5, 2020 8:55am

I am looking for livery for my horse. Does anyone know of horse riding stables in the area? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.

Looking for a job: Care assistant - 0 replies

Heidi32 Posted by Heidi32 in Jobs and careers in Lubrín on Sun Jul 5, 2020 7:43am

Hi   can you please help.   I am looking to move from tge UK     I have 24 yrs experience working in 2 care homes  for the elderly.    I have no spanish communication,  are there care homes in this area.  Can someone please assist.



Regulations concerning Residencia as of July 6 - 0 replies

DarioMartin Posted by DarioMartin in Brexit and the EU: living, holidaying and moving to Vera on Sun Jul 5, 2020 1:41am

Copied and pasted from a news article.  
Please note the provisions regarding residence of one country only in paragraph 15 and automatic tax residence (and subsequent automatic cessation of UK tax residence) in paragraph 16.  It is a little inaccurate, as it talks about a non resident being only able to stay 90 days in 180 “after the end of the transition period” but this already applies to whole of Schengen zone and still seems to be a popular misconception that as a non resident, you can stay 6 months.  You can’t.

BRITISH nationals living in Spain can apply for a non-EU 'residence card' from Monday, July 6, the General Directorate of Migration and Police has confirmed – but this is not compulsory for those who already hold the so-called 'green certificate'.

Provided for in Article 18.4 of Title II in the Brexit withdrawal agreement, Brits living in Spain do not have to apply for what is known as a Tarjeta de Identidad del Extranjero ('Foreigners' ID card', or TIE), but have a right to do so if they wish, since this photo-card document is a simple way of proving residence and showing who you are.

Article 18.4 establishes that each EU member State can opt to allow UK nationals and their families who reside permanently there before the end of the transition period on New Year's Eve to not have to request a 'new' residence document if they do not want to do so, meaning they will not have to go through the process involved.

If they do decide to a acquire a TIE, it will expressly state their condition as a beneficiary of the withdrawal agreement.

Temporary residence documents are valid for five years and permanent ones for 10, but this is in keeping with the requirement of Spanish nationals to renew their national ID cards (DNI) every few years, in the same way as most countries do with a passport.

Renewing a TIE is likely to be a simple process involving a form, photograph and a small fee.

Applications for a TIE after the end of the transition period on December 31 will be considered individually on their merits, and if the foreigners' office believes the reasons for missing the deadline are justified, it may decide to offer an extension.

The withdrawal agreement does not require Brits' physical presence in Spain before the transition period ends, in accordance with Article 11, and temporary absences from the country that do not affect residence rights, including extended absences, will not prevent Brits from obtaining a TIE.

Residence cards will have a minimum validity period of five years, and applications for permanent resident cards will be accepted provided they fulfil the requirements of Article 15 of the withdrawal agreement.

This includes having been legally resident in Spain for at least five years, even if any current residence document has not yet expired.

The five-year period will be deemed to have started when the initial, temporary certificate was issued – if indeed this has been issued.

Many British expats have been rushing to get their 'green certificates' – which do not carry a photograph or fingerprint and cannot be used to prove identity, and which are now in credit-card size rather than the original A4 version launched in 2008 – before the end of the transition period.

It is not clear whether this is essential in light of Brexit, but doing so should make the process of acquiring a TIE much simpler. 

Anyone planning to live in Spain for the majority of the year should ensure they have a document proving their residence – either a 'green certificate' issued before now or a TIE – before the end of the transition period to avoid admin headaches and other problems. 

The maximum time a non-resident Brit can stay in the EU after the transition period will be 90 days in any 180-day period, and a person of any nationality can only have residence in one country, meaning acquiring this in Spain will automatically imply renouncing one's residence in the UK.

There are no exceptions to the rule, meaning British nationals living mainly in the UK cannot stay in Spain – or the EU as a whole – for four or five months continuously, but will have to return to Britain until the next 180-day period; unless, of course, they acquire a working or student visa where these are appropriate.

This is a separate issue from tax residence which, in Spain, means living in the country for 183 days or more in a calendar year, not necessarily continuously, and is automatic in these circumstances, making the person non-tax resident in the UK.

Moving to Spain after the end of the transition period will still be possible for British nationals, but will be subject to third-country requirements and will not be an automatic right as it is whilst the UK is still – in all but name, at least – an EU member.

Beach bed - 1 replies

JMS Posted by JMS in Where to buy things in Garrucha on Sat Jul 4, 2020 8:40pm

Where can I buy a beach bed in Garrucha, light enough to carry to the beach but also durable?    

Looking for a job: Heating engineer - 1 replies

Shazza1671 Posted by Shazza1671 in Jobs and careers in Mojacar on Sat Jul 4, 2020 5:05pm


We are a Scottish couple travelling with our caravan (and cat!) around Spain. We love Mojacar and would like to stay for a while.  We are looking for someone who maybe needs help with a project. Chris is a gas heating engineer and plumber but can throw himself into anything! I don’t have skills but I’m hardworking and willing to try new things. 

We have been helping out on an olive farm during lockdown, weeding, planting, clearing areas, looking after chickens, installing outdoor taps, just general farm stuff! But it’s time to try something different. 

Thanks for reading,

Sharon and Chris 

Where could I find a corner suite. - 0 replies

Shrek Posted by Shrek in General property discussion in Mojacar on Sat Jul 4, 2020 4:37pm

Hi all, looking to buy a corner suite in vgc if anyone knows where to shop for one, new or second hand in the Mojácar area please. 

Hotels near Alicante Airport - 1 replies

EmmaR Posted by EmmaR in Flights, baggage and airports in Almería on Sat Jul 4, 2020 4:35pm

Can anyone recommend a hotel to stay at after picking my kids up from Alicante Airport next Sunday 12 at 10pm? Easy to find would be great. Thanks!

Travel insurance - 0 replies

Knitwhizz Posted by Knitwhizz in Insurances and wills advice in Roquetas de Mar on Sat Jul 4, 2020 3:24pm

Following previous posted message, just went into a website and instead of getting a quote for one six week trip I broke it down into single trip for Mr. and annual cover for Mrs.  Absolutely amazing!  It then gives you TWO figures for each, showing a basic - which was half the price of the second quote which was for comprehensive, no use guessing which one they quote you over the phone or in your renewal.  Moral - try using the website first, but beware tried the single trip in a comparison website and the figures for a single trip varied from £287 up to over £1,000!!!!

Bathroom fitter required - 0 replies

AliciaMaria911 Posted by AliciaMaria911 in General property discussion in Mojacar on Sat Jul 4, 2020 2:49pm

I am looking for a highly recommended bathroom fitter for complete bathroom renovation in Mojacar Playa. Thank you.

For sale: 3 Gas bottles & 2 gas heaters - 0 replies

deehh99 Posted by deehh99 in Buy and sell items in Huércal-Overa on Sat Jul 4, 2020 2:47pm

3 x Repsol gas bottles and 2 x gas heaters for sale. 

No longer needed, switching over to wood burner. 

Available to pick up Huércal-Overa or Mojácar. 

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