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Hash House Harriers When most people see this they think, “Running club”…..NO, it isn’t, it’s more a social organisation. Hashing is made up of three main bits. Bit one is the ‘run’, you can run, jog, stroll or stagger, hashng is NON-COMPETITIVE, so whether you’re a teenager or getting on a bit, you can join in. Bit two is the ‘circle’, this is where we have most fun, it’s a bit difficult to describe, but if you imagine a group of school children telling tales about each other, and having to make a forfeit if caught out, and the forfeit is a drink of beer, you can see where the fun come from. Bit three is the ‘on-after’, this just means going to a bar, and acting a bit more like real adults? The basic aim of the hash is to HAVE FUN, and at the same time, encourage a bit of exercise, without over doing it. Hash groups welcome all shapes and sizes, in all stages of degeneration and as there are more than 1900 registered groups, and there’s one in this area, Indalo hash House Harriers. For more info, or to join in, e-mail [email protected] or see our web page or our FB page Indalo HHH

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