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Playing Tennis, Table tennis, petanca - 0 replies

James69 Posted by James69 in Things to do and places to go in Vera on Sun Feb 18, 2024 4:47pm

Hi I’m looking for people who play TENNIS,Table tennis, petanca. I have a place in Vera playa

energiaxx Overvoltage - Can I claim for items destroyed - 8 replies

mikej Posted by mikej in Utilities: Electric, gas and water recommendations and advice in Vera on Thu Feb 15, 2024 8:34pm

First smoke came out of the dishwasher.

Then there was a bang and the microwave went off.

I put the power back on and checked the voltage it was 420V i..e double what it should be. Reported this to the company and nothing happened until late. This morning voltage is back to normal but we have dead dishwasher, TV, computer printer, microwave etc. 

Can we claim from the electricity company for the damage and if so how?

We dont have insurance.


Mike James

Clinica Dental Cleardent - 4 replies

Siouxsie1 Posted by Siouxsie1 in Healthcare and medical advice in Vera on Thu Feb 15, 2024 5:33pm

Has anyone used Clinica Dental Cleardent in either Vera or Garrucha, and if so, are they any good and do they speak any English? Many thanks in advance. 

Insurance - a POSITIVE review - 15 replies

DarioMartin Posted by DarioMartin in Insurances and wills advice in Vera on Thu Feb 15, 2024 2:23pm

Many people ask which insurance is right for them, their car etc.  as I am with Linea Directa, I always advise to try them - it helps they have a dedicated English helpline.

Now their prices are good and it’s easy to contract online - but naysayers have in the past sneered “yeah, well wait until you try to make a claim - they are a nightmare”

So at the end of January, whilst parked up at a friends private residence, I managed to reverse my car into their concrete fountain.  Don’t ask.  Yes, I was sober, no I hadn’t had a thing to drink, and no, of course I didn’t see it!!

Their prized concrete fountain, worth around 1.000€ lay in jigsaw puzzle sized pieces, my car had a smashed light and a hefty dent in the tailgate.

So. Insurance.  I have the Linea Directa app and I was able to file the claim via the app, and select a garage to take the car to.  Línea Directa rang me the next day to confirm some details and advise that if the garage did not have a courtesy car available, I could get one from them for up to 21 days, all included in my insurance.  They also told me that as I had paid full renewal price they were waiving the 240€ excess.

I took my car to Talleres y Gruas Azor in Vera, a Linea Directa approved garage.  They took pictures and said they would send this off to Linea Directa and advise me when they were able to proceed.  On Tuesday 13th February they called and said they had a courtesy car available, and I agreed to take it in Wednesday morning.  I dropped it off at about 09:30 Wednesday 14th, got the courtesy car and received a link that I could use to follow progress of repair.

THIS MORNING, Thursday 15th February, one day after dropping it off, I got a call.  Car was ready!!  So I went off, handed back courtesy car and drove away in my now repaired car … no nonsense, no fuss, no drama, no payment at all, and the car looked like new again.

My friend sent a quote for damage to fountain to Linea Directa using my reference number, and they are covering that as well!!

SO, in short, a very positive experience with Spanish Insurance, very very simple to arrange, and completely free of any of the bureaucracy, drama, angst or delays one normally associates with getting anything done here.

So if anybody is looking for insurance … I can certainly recommend Linea Directa!!

Gaudi type buildings on Carretta de Aguilas in Vera - 6 replies

angela10 Posted by angela10 in General Vera discussion on Thu Feb 15, 2024 1:34pm

Can any one tell me anything about the two extraordinary buildings standing next to each other on the Carretta de Aguilas in Vera? One is a Court I believe and the other with very Gaudi-esque balconies and other features is ,I think, an... apartment block with a modern sports center could that have been allowed? Arrrgh. I hope my spelling is correct.a.

Open Mic for Writers Group - 1 replies

SonderB Posted by SonderB in General Vera discussion on Tue Feb 13, 2024 2:24am

The 500 Word OPEN MIC EVENT for writers of all genre. On Wednesday 7th February 2024, was a big success. The back room in Hostel Mason, was packed to the rafters. We were advised, for the next event, to get a bigger boat!!!

We heard original stories & poetry from the regular written-word members, and a host of new readers. 

Which proves there is a lot of literary talent in the Albox/Huércal-Overa/Vera magic triangle.

So, if you've ever had a hankering to write and read out your original 500 word story. Now is your chance.

So get scribbling!!!!  

Our just come along to listen. All are welcome.                             

Our next 500 Word Open Mic Event is planned for 08/05/2024       

at Hostal Meson, Kubatin, Arboleas. 

From 13:30 >>>>16:00

For more information about the Open Mic Event:

Contact: 711040444

Email: [email protected]

Or check out our blog:


Digimobil activates 5G network - 2 replies

DarioMartin Posted by DarioMartin in Broadband Internet, Wifi, Phone and TV in Vera on Mon Feb 12, 2024 7:11pm

For anyone wanting good mobile phone networks, Digimobil have announced that they have just activated their 5G network.  All that’s needed is one of their mobile plans (pre-paid or contract), a compatible device and to be in a 5G zone.

I have an iPhone 12 and two weeks ago, the 5G option wasn’t showing.  After reading their announcement, I checked my phone and sure as nuts, 5G option now available.  Selected, and now on 5G in Vera.

if you are an existing Digimobil mobile customer and you have a compatible device, it’s already automatically available to you - you don’t need to contact the network and ask them to switch anything on, just enable it in device settings.


Kamel3112 Posted by Kamel3112 in Residency in Vera: padron, residencia and passport advice on Sun Feb 11, 2024 2:37pm

Hello. I have bought an apartment a long time ago in Vera and now I would like to move to live in Spain. I am French and already have the NIE and the property deeds.  I would also like to buy a car. Please advise on the procedure to settle in all legality.

Thanking you in advance


Enquiry about Al Andalusia residential community - 1 replies

julieeller Posted by julieeller in Things to do and places to go in Vera on Tue Feb 6, 2024 5:47pm

Looking at properties in al Andalusia hills

Can anyone tell me more about living here - are there any expats or all Spanish 

How many properties are there here

Can you easily get public transport from here?

Wanted: WANTED BUNK BEDS - 3 replies

Shazza65 Posted by Shazza65 in Buy and sell items in Vera on Sun Feb 4, 2024 12:29pm

we are looking for a set of bunk beds for our granchildren for when they visit. Any condition considered 

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