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English / Spanish Medical Translation Services given in person, in writing or over the phone. We talk in English, you explain your medical problem(s) to me and I in turn explain the problem(s) in Spanish to your Doctor or Nurse; your Doctor or Nurse advises and/or prescribes and I translate to you and make sure you understand and help you answer any questions from the Doctor or Nurse. In other words, we get rid of the language barrier to ensure that your interaction with your caregivers is safe and stress-free.

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I am glad to say that my clients have been delighted with my work and here is what some had to say:

December 2023, Puerto Rey: "The language barrier has made me dread having to visit the doctor. You put my mind at rest, so helpful ..."

January 2024, Vera: "I was so worried that I will neither understand the doctor nor be understood by him/her. Now those worries are gone thanks to you ..."

February 2024, Palomares: "Your being a translator with a medical background has not only helped me relay my problems to my doctor, but has also helped me 

understand my medical condition better ...

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