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Buildings and Contents Insurance quote for non rental property

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:37am
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Hi everyone,

I'm interested in buying in Vera Playa but have heard that it can be tricky to get insurance here following the floods last December and back in 2012. 

We are looking at places off the Ave. Del Salar, was this area affected by the floods as well?

Has anybody in this area had problems with insurance and can anybody recommend a company to get an insurance quote from please? 

All the best 



Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:01pm


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Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:01pm

Hi again Steve, so interestingly we had the cottage outside Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia damaged in the recent December Inundation. We have 2 properties and our Motorhome with Allianz and have been appalled at the response. We have never previously claimed on the properties and have had excellent service with the Motorhome apart from a hiccup when we were rear-ended in Portugal and ended up hostaged in a scrap yard. Anyway I digress. The cottage has Solar and on the 2nd day the sded roof leaked and took out the Solar. Similarly with the cottage roof as in addition to the torrential rain we had gale force winds. I had no guidance at all!!!!!!!!! Well,it was Xmas & 3 Kings so what did it matter to Allianz staff. The Concorcio (it was judged a Natural Disaster) were there within 10 days but it took a full month for Allianz to dispatch a specialist assessor for the Solar and he cleared the claim in 10min flat. No assessor has ever looked at the cottage. In relation to the Solar initially they withheld payment for IVA and labour but my broker is apparently sorting this out. So question 1. will you have an apartment without an external roof or anything with a roof???????

So I posted on Arboleas Forum and some kind folks replied. Unfortunately at the apartment,, which I immediately took from Allianz, and at the finca , 'she who must be obeyed' has jewellery and the hoops you need to jump through to insure All Risks Jewellery and the hoops just if insured at home. Safe, a safe sunk in the ground or walls, the weight of the safe, etc. Then the days you may be away from the property. Remember Spanish Companies do not do All Risks although there is a mugging/armed robbery/GBH clause. Brit Companies insured via Lloyds are best so you look at Abbeygate for example but not Almerimar Insurance.

There are just so many advertising locally but most go through Brokers. Linea Directa by phone/ e mail is probably the cheapest but some negatives on line against claimants.

The best advice is SHOP around but we had a 62,000 euro robbery at the cottage in 2007 and Abbeygate were great. However they then imposed so many restrictions that we had to go elsewhere. That was Almerimar Insurance underwritten via an intermediary in Alicante but then through Lloyds to whom I needed to complain regarding a bent Loss Adjuster. Took 6 months but won the case but then they refused to renew.

So currently we are looking for a new Insurance Company for the apartment and have 2 which seem really good. They are on the laptop but if you send a pm I can send details.

Burglaries don't seem a problem it's when they can duck and dive. Produce a 'denuncia' and really it seems that that is that.

Best Wishes,

Bob & Sandra

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