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Applying for NIE


Posted: Wed Jan 9, 2019 11:36am
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Is there anyone on here that has successfully applied for an NIE number in person unrepresented if so any advice would be gratefully received. Or do you need to get a Gestor/Legal Rep involves  Thanks 



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Wed Jan 9, 2019 9:08pm

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Posted: Wed Jan 9, 2019 9:08pm

I’ll start with saying “unless you speak Spanish, get yourself a Gestor to assist”

The functionaries at Extranjeria in Almería do not speak English (even if they can)

The second thing I have to say is that if you plan on being in Spain longer than 90 days in any 6 month period, you WILL need Residencia - even more so with Brexit looming.  Residencia will give you your NIE.

A NIE on its own is only useful for major purchases and if you in country less than period specified above.  Also, if you live in the Almería region, you will need to have a reason to obtain an NIE, which involves providing proof of major purchase to be made - pre sales invoice etc.

Apparently, you can get NIE through Embassy in London quite easily, but again, if you are intending more than 90 days stay in any one 6 month period, you will require Residencia.

Pre-Brexit this was still mandatory but seemingly overlooked.  Post Brexit, as has been highlighted elsewhere on this site, those without Residencia who stay longer than 90 days may well find it difficult to re-Enter the country when they leave

Un saludo, Darío



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Wed Jan 9, 2019 9:22pm

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Posted: Wed Jan 9, 2019 9:22pm

Dario's advice is always useful. However our experience was that we arrived in Roquetas on 1 June and obtained NIE in a visit to the Oficina de Extranjeria in Almería without a gestor. We don't speak much Spanish but are learning.

You may need just an NIE for car purchase, obtaining bank account, work etc. But as Dario says, if you need to obtain residency you get an NIE anyway as part of the same process, but it's a different form - and in the latter event a gestor is recommended, it's more complicated.

Download the form you require online and print it out and get copies made and the €12 Tasa (tax) paid and stamped on your form at a local bank.

You can find out more by searching this site at this link:

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