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Poor quality TV

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:35pm
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Hi everyone

We are all in the grips of the Coronavirus and in lockdown.  My only means of getting information is from the radio or TV.  Spectrum Radio is first class in giving timely reports and information on all aspects of the CoronaVirus throughout the day.  Alas the same cannot be said of the TV, and in particular the IPTV station provider.   I use Sistel as my internet (30mp) provider and TV360 for the IPTV service.  Sadly the picture quality and sound on my TV is nye on impossible to watch with picture and sound breakup or blank silent screen.  I'm sure I am not the only one who is having this problem.  Does anyone know if the picture and sound breakup is due the internet or the IPTV provider.   I appreciate with people in lockdown the usage on the systems is greater but my problems have existed well before the lockdown. Your thoughts please.

George N


Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:16pm

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Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:16pm

Hi George. I'm no expert but it's my feeling the problems are twofold. I have a system which allows either box sets, ie tv on demand, or live broadcasts.

While watching the on demand content, I occasionally get a file missing error message and sometimes the break up/freeze problem.

However, up until lockdown, I never had the slightest problem with live broadcasts. Until now, that is. The other anomoly is the "missing" file oftens miraculously appears if I try and watch the program a bit later.

Bottom line, and this is only a guess on my part. Most of these providers are having us all on. You might also want to check your internet speed. I'm using Sistel 30 and it works  very well most of the time. I do feel that with every household now occupied 24/7, that level of demand has to be affected.

Hope you can get it sorted. The internet is just about our only contact with the outside world at the moment.

Stay safe mate. Lee.


Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:51am

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Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:51am

Morning George

We live in Arboleas and also use the townhall internet we use Adam for IPTV the service is very good. He will give you a trial to see how it works €50 a year.


Cheers stay safe


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